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작 성 일 2009-06-03
Position Paper 02   MOU Gas cylinder ownership & responsibilities in Asian countries
Position Paper 01   GMP Guidelines for medicinal gases
SB 03/06   Safe operation of forklift trucks
SB 02/06   Avian Influenza
SB 01/05   Safe use of acetylene
AIGA 060/09   Safe installation and operation of PSA and membrane oxygen and nitrogen generators
AIGA 059/09   Design considerations to mitigate potential risks of toxicity when using non-metallic materials in high pressure oxygen breathing gas systems
AIGA 058/08   Safe preparation of compressed fuel gas mixtures in cylinders
AIGA 057/08   Safe use of brazed aluminium heat exchangers for producing pressurized oxygen
AIGA 056/08   Safe practices guide for cryogenic air separation plants
AIGA 055/08   Installation guide to stationary electric motor driven centrifugal liquid oxygen pumps
AIGA 054/08   Prevention of excessive pressure during filling of cryogenic vessels
AIGA 053/08   Code of Practice_Compressed fluorine and mixtures with inert gases
AIGA 052/08   Storage & handling of silane & silane mixtures
AIGA 051/08   Code of Practice_Phosphine
AIGA 050/08   Code of Practice_Arsine
AIGA 049/08   Guideline to bulk medical oxygen supply system for healthcare facilities
AIGA 048/08   Reciprocating compressors for oxygen service
AIGA 047/08   Safe preparation of gas mixtures
AIGA 046/08   Periodic inspection of static cryogenic vessels
AIGA 045/07   Gaseous hydrogen stations
AIGA 044/07   Flexible connections in high pressure gas systems
AIGA 043/07   Member's area only
AIGA 042/07   Work Injury Statistics
AIGA 041/06   Defensive driving
AIGA 040/06   Good practices guide for loading and unloading of cryogenic liquid tankers
AIGA 039/06   Road transport emergency preparedness
AIGA 038/06   Vertical cylinder handling and transportation
AIGA 037/06   Permissible charge cylinder fill conditions for acetylene cylinders
AIGA 036/06   Guidelines for management of waste acetylene cylinders
AIGA 035/06   Safe operation of reboilers/condensers in air separation units
AIGA 034/06   Carbon monoxide and Syngas pipeline systems
AIGA 033/06   Hydrogen transportation pipelines
AIGA 032/08   Perlite Management
AIGA 031/06   Bulk liquid oxygen, nitrogen and argon storage systems at production sites
AIGA 030/06   Storage of cryogenic air gases at users premises
AIGA 029/06   Code of Practice Nitrogen Trifluoride
AIGA 028/06   Unmanned Air Gas Plant Design & Operation
AIGA 027/06   Cryogenic vaporization systems prevention of brittle fracture in equipment and piping
AIGA 026/06   Principles for safe handling & distribution of highly toxic gases & mixtures
AIGA 025/06   Pressure receptacles with blocked or inoperable valves
AIGA 024/05   Gas connections for transportable and static bulk storage tanks
AIGA 023/05   GMP Guide for Medicinal Gases
AIGA 022/05   Code of Practice for Acetylene
AIGA 021/05   Oxygen Pipeline Systems
AIGA 020/05   Code of Practice Nitrous oxide
AIGA 019/05   Connections for Portable Liquid Cylinders
AIGA 018/05   Safe handling of electronic specialty gases
AIGA 018/05   Appendix 3: Select properties of commonly used ESG
AIGA 017/05   Labelling of Gas Containers (including associatedequipment)
AIGA 016/05   Safety features of portable cryogenic liquid containers for industrial & medical gases
AIGA 015/05   Safety rules for contractors
AIGA 014/05   Safety Audit Guidelines
AIGA 013/05   Incident/Accident Investigation and Analysis
AIGA 012/04   Cleaning of Equipment for Oxygen Service
AIGA 011/04   Work Permit Systems
AIGA 010/04   Management of Change
AIGA 009/04   Safety Training of Employees
AIGA 008/04   Hazards of Inert Gases
AIGA 007/04   Job Motivation & Safe Operations in Cylinder Filling Stations
AIGA 006/04   Good Environmental Management Practices for the Industrial Gas Industry
AIGA 005/04   Fire Hazards of Oxygen & Oxygen Enriched Atmospheres
AIGA 004/04   Handling Gas Container Emergencies
AIGA 003/07   Member's area only
2009 Meeting_2   Acetylene Seminar Programme
2009 Meeting   Acetylene Seminar Information
2008 Meeting   Programme
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